Many moms painfully struggle to get children to obey and bad attitudes have become a part of daily life. 

As a result moms feel overwhelmed and don’t know how to stop the endless cycle of nagging and whining… This makes you ineffective as a mother and the endless battles in the home leave little time for connecting and building vital relationships. You feel trapped in your circumstances and go to bed every night feeling this is not the life you signed up for.

Imagine instead that your children obey and they are internally motivated to do what needs to be done. Your family is growing in love and character and you are on your way to raising successful adults who can lead others in the same way. You are feeling energized around your children and family times are fun. You look forward to spending time with your kids and your vision and outlook for your life and parenting is filled with hope and joy.

So why has this parenting journey become so overwhelming? You want the absolute best for your children and being a mother is not only your ‘other name’, as a kingdom minded mom you know it is part of your calling. The problem is that there is such a wealth of information for new moms, we too easily get sucked into choosing what is the ‘best thing to do’,  instead following your mothering instincts… Once your babies are born, life moves at a much faster pace and before you know it they are running around and already halfway through school. Somewhere along the line it feels as if you missed something major. In your heart you also know that none of the ‘expert’ scripts were written for your family. Most of the ‘award winning strategies’ does not take into account your family life, your routine, or your dynamics. But by now the problems or issues you face might be bigger than you imagined and you have been too overwhelmed and exhausted to even try implementing the next best thing what the experts suggest? So you end up putting out the fires as they start. You hope that somewhere through the chaos and the mundane your kids will learn to do things for themselves and leave the house as healthy and mature adults…

But something deep inside tells you there has to be more. This cannot be IT?

So what do you need to do? Yes, besides getting much needed rest you also need to work on a plan. Not just any plan, and not just another ‘best parenting idea’ but a heart-based approach that targets the heart qualities your children need to learn. A plan that is based on the principles of God’s Word. And in this plan you also partner with The One who have each of your children together, who knows their make-up, their personalities and the number of hairs on their heads. He knows them better than any book you will ever find on any famous bookstore shelf… You need to be filled with an inspiring vision for your kids and change the way you look at them FOREVER. You will help them become equipped with character qualities they desperately need for kingdom living and you will give them hope. You need to have a clear, big vision and act intentionally in your parenting…

You cannot leave your children’ and family’s destiny hanging because you are too tired to make the change needed…

Through my coaching program I can help you to take the next steps!

Through my personalized coaching program I help moms break through the blocks that hold them back from parenting on purpose. I offer inspiring and biblical based parent coaching to help you become an effective and intentional parent. Life will never be perfect, but with a plan and partnering with the Holy Spirit you can overcome any obstacles along the way. Together we work out a personalized plan for your family, incorporating truths from the Word of God, woven with strands of His grace. You become equipped to parent on purpose and with passion!

If you want to take back control in your household, and in your parenting, then take the next step and STOP the endless cycle of defeat and struggle!

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