When the puzzle pieces doesn’t seem to fit, look into His eyes… 2019

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Isaiah 64:8 “Yet, O Lord, You are our Father; we are the clay, and You our Potter, and we all are the work of Your hand.”

I just completed a puzzle I have been trying to finish for the last three holidays. I only built on it during holiday breaks but this holiday I was determined to finish it.

It is a beautiful puzzle of a lion lying in the tall grass with his little cub. When I bought it (my middle son chose it) we looked at the picture and both loved it, not realizing how intricate and difficult it turned out to be. Not only because of the similar shadings, but each puzzle piece had a woven pattern on and it can only be fitted in a certain direction.

I was frustrated many times in building and previous holidays it was easy to roll up the puzzle mat and pack it away. I wanted to finish it this time. I sat up late at night after the kids went to bed, gave up a beach day to build and every time I walked past I would try and fit another piece.

There were times when in frustration, I wanted to force a piece, just to get on with it. But we all know you just cannot force a puzzle piece to fit even if you try, it just won’t go in….

As I was building and the picture emerged, one of the first things I did manage to complete was part of the lion’s face. His eyes in fact. And so many times I was drawn to his eyes while building and becoming frustrated and God started speaking to my heart. I guess that was the reason I had such an urging to finish it this time, a message was buried in the process and it was time to hear it….

We made drastic changes to our lives in the past year. We started homeschooling and I was at home full time starting up my business from home. There were so many times in this past year when I would look around me almost frantically, thinking our puzzle, our picture of what our lives should’ve looked like was completely broken. Time and time again, God would remind me, to trust Him and keep my eyes on Him.

Other times I would get all excited and wanted to do so many things, I would stay up late at night to do research and read and work out ‘my plan’…. And then gently God would lead me back to His plan… reminding me to focus on Him, wait on His time…

And as the year went on some of my research lead me to a way of homeschooling which spoke to my heart in so many ways I felt like crying when I came to the realization of what God was leading me to. And then one by one ‘puzzle pieces’, plans and ideas which I looked at before came together. One by one the pieces fell into place. Books I ordered, ideas I looked at, all started to come together in a beautiful classical homeschool plan.

In the end I was so overwhelmed by His faithfulness and goodness, His leading and most of all His timing. Pieces of our homeschool and our family decisions were falling into place to reveal a picture more beautiful than I could’ve imagined…

And as I was building my puzzle this holiday, God reminded me of this. At times I felt like giving up, again as silly as it may sound, but I was so determined to finish it. When I would sit for an hour or more and no pieces fit, I literally felt like crying. And God would whisper to me again, ‘at times in your life it feels just like that, there seems to be no progress, nothing seems to be working or falling into place….’ It is those times especially that your eyes should be so fixed on Me that none of this can move you.’ It was in those times while building and seeing the eyes of the lion in my puzzle that these whispers would calm my heart.

The one truth that struck me most was this. God is the designer of our lives. He has a picture in mind which is more beautiful, has more depth and color and more intricacies than we could ever imagine. We have an idea or a picture of what we think our lives should look like. We will then often go in this direction with full force, even forcing things to happen, charging ahead full steam. Just to come to a place where we realize we had to slow down, or take a different turn. And yes we can change direction, but often this might then feel like a major delay. And we feel like failures. But when our eyes look into His, the God who speaks life into existence can speak into being the plan He had all along.

What He desires most, is our focussed attention on Jesus..

When we look into the eyes of our Creator, we see through the eyes of Love. We will see a picture unfolding which is more beautiful than what we can comprehend or thought possible.

And in Love there is no fear, no boundaries, no limitations. In love there is no imperfections. There is no wrong and there is no difficulty.

In Love, there is only hope, peace, patience and kindness. You see our brokenness cannot stop His mending, because no broken is too big for His glory. It is through our brokenness that His glory is most shining through.

What God reminded me of most was that when we have our eyes focussed on Him we cannot go wrong, even if the picture is completely different from what we think it should’ve been, it will still be more magnificent than our wildest imagination….

Someone gave me this word picture. “God doesn’t see our lives at a point in time, the way we do. He sees it in completion from beginning to end. He sees all the beauty, grace and magnificence He has planned for us. He sees past the mistakes and wrong turns to the beauty He has planned, where grace, mercy and love have covered all and filled what we could never do.”

So as one year came to an end and we walk into this new year, my prayer is that we will look into the eyes of our Father. He is the one who makes something from nothing. He is the one, who speaks and the waves and wind obey. He is the one who sees more beauty in you, than you could even imagine. Look into the eyes of Jesus, He is our Lion of Judah. The enemy might walk around like a roaring lion, trying to scare us and tempt us, even hurry us. But our Lion of Judah has the final say. In fact He had the final say on the cross 2000 years ago, when he declared ‘It is complete’.

Now yield to Him. Trust in Him. Be loved by Him.

And as we look into His eyes, we might just see a glimpse of picture no puzzle box could ever have given us. With more depth, more color, more detail than our physical eyes can ever contain.

I bless you with a year of more beauty than you could ever imagine. The more broken you think your life puzzle might be right now, the more He can awe you with what He had in mind all along. Speak His Word, His promises and His perfect will into being and you will be standing in Awe of what He has planned.

After I completed my puzzle, I read this prophetic word. It is meant for each one of us who think we’ve messed up too much. All of us whose lives changed in ways we could never imagine. Reminding all of us to decide to rather look into His eyes. And trust the journey will be masterfully woven together with unfailing, love.

“Over the last few days the Lord kept giving me a picture of someone completing a jigsaw puzzle. However, the picture on the jigsaw is completely different to the picture on the box it came in. The owner keeps looking from the jigsaw to the box to figure out what’s going on.

The Lord is trying to speak to some people for whom things haven’t turned out as you pictured or planned. You think life would go in one direction but it’s taken a different turn. You’re confused, unsettled and uncertain.Yet the Lord would have you know that the picture on the jigsaw itself is actually so much better than the picture on the box. It has colors and depth and detail that weren’t on the original. It has dimensions and layers that you can’t even see yet. It might seem that God has disrupted your plans and shaken things up, but that’s only because His vision for your life is so much bigger and greater than the vision you have. The Father has carefully crafted the picture, the pieces are individually shaped to fit together by Him. Trust Him for His new vision and plan for your life as you enter this new season.” @daily.prophetic via Instagram

Psalm 90:12 “Help us to remember that our days are numbered, and help us to interpret our lives correctly. Set your wisdom deeply into our hearts so that we may accept your correction..”



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