Are you an exhausted mom, overwhelmed by the demands of parenting life? Have you felt that the endless nagging is not what you signed up for? Have you ever felt that there has to be more to this parenting thing than what you currently experience?

I work with moms who have kids of any age… Whether you are a full-time working mom and your kids are in school, a stay-at-home mom or work-from-home mom or you are a homeschool mom and wondered why you ever signed up of for this?

You may often think that dad must dread coming home because most days he walks into a battlefield and you know you desperately need to change things for the sake of your marriage, your husband and yourself…

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • The whining and complaining drives you up the wall and the fact that you have to repeat yourself a hundred times a day saps the last of your energy out of you.
  • You hardly have any time for yourself and you cannot imagine feeling excited about spending hours at a time with your kids.
  • You love your kids undoubtedly and being a parent is what your heart desires, yet there are times you just cannot get excited about it anymore.
  • Ending your day in a battle of some sort with your kids seem to have become the norm.
  • You go to bed tired and you wake up tired and you constantly worry about the well-being of your kids…
  • There are times when it feels that the family is falling apart and you are struggling to keep things stable and together.

I have the greatest success with clients who:

  • Are willing to make a change. You realize what you are doing is not working and you could be doing something different. You really want to get over the current struggles in your life and family.
  • Are willing to work. Changes don’t just happen because you decided to make them happen. You are willing to put effort in and try new ideas of working in the family.
  • Know there must be more than just merely surviving. You have come to the end your rope. You want to step into the bigger purpose of biblical motherhood and live out your purpose and destiny.


As your biblical parent and life coach I can help you achieve the changes you’ve been longing to make. I help parents to change their perspectives so they can raise children with character, purpose and intentionality. I will help you take back control of your family life and to become excited and inspired for the parenting journey you are on.

I can help you to see the hundreds of small everyday opportunities to build Kingdom in your home and give you the tools to make it happen.

My approach has helped many parents and it is successful because:

  • I provide you with practical and specific how-to solutions.
  • My plan provide you with tools on how to train your children to practice correct responses which changes negative patterns to positive ones.
  • I tackle your biggest struggle by making changes focused on the heart. This gives a deeper, longer lasting approach.
  • I inspire long-term vision in your parenting and realign perspectives. Common problems become the training ground for life skills that kids need for the rest of their lives.
  • My approach is biblical. God designed us and when we understand change from a biblical perspective we multiply our efforts.

Being a mom myself I understand that there is no one-size fits all approach and inevitably you will encounter curve balls. My approach takes all this into account. I provide you with tools and solutions that you will always be able to use in your parenting journey.

Amazing things will start happening in your family!

God has hand-picked you to be the mom your kids so desperately need…Not only do you have the unique gifts and abilities needed to raise you child but He has given us the Holy Spirit, to guide, correct and encourage us along the way.

‘If you are without a vision, you’re without a future.’ Leonard Sweet, SoulTsunami