• "To be reminded that we have to be content and persistency to carry on and not give up when it seems things not working first time. Please keep up the amazing good work, this really helped and transformed my perspective."

    Adéle - July 2018
  • "The biblical side of raising your child in a practical manner. Great instruction and information, will recommend this course with enthusiasm. Very informative!"

    Cindy - July 2018
  • "The info is very practical and simple. Love that the goal is to impact hearts and build relationships. Does not focus on kids behavior only, but also challenges parents to keep their attitude and actions within the same boundaries."

    Charmaine - July 2018
  • "A whole set of parenting tools. My parents help raise my children. This was a great way for us to get on the same page with parenting. (We all had very different ideas on how to raise them, but we want to raise them in a Christian way). Thank you very much for shining a new light on parenting and giving me the tools to realise my kids are only human and we can all share a wonderful relationship with them. I will definitely use 'taking breaks' for myself while dealing with issues."

    Marjone - July 2018
  • "The fact that the course is presented in such a practical way. I felt encouraged to ask questions. Because the seminar is presented in steps, I don't feel so overwhelmed as with other parenting courses. Simone presented the course very practical and didn't mind answering the questions I had."

    Mandy - May 2018
  • "How basic the tools actually are. I realised how many things I am doing right but also things I can change and work on and teach my child to do better."

    Arina - May 2018
  • "Everybody needs a change of heart (kids and parents). Discipline is an opportunity to teach my children. Always try to change a situation into something positive. And so important to never react in anger, calm down and think first!"

    Christel - May 2018
  • "Most helpful about this seminar is the practical tools and tips. Love the Biblical principles, the aim is to change our children's hearts. They are more important than what they do/don't do!"

    Petro - May 2018
  • "Knowing how to talk and deal with my children in difficult situations. I learnt a lot about changing the way I deal with frustrations and how my reactions influence the outcome of a situation. I learned that there is hope, even though it may seem impossible. Just keep on trying!"

    Charlene - May 2018
  • "Most helpful to me was the absolute explaining of each step in the seminar. This has been a very sincere learning lesson for me as a granny for my grandchildren.!"

    Griet - May 2018
  • "The toolbox of consequences set out and explained in detail. Something I can use (first study). The course has a different perspective to how I know of doing things. Thank you!"

    Lisa - May 2018
  • "Dit het my baie gehelp dat daar soveel voorbeelde is van waar en hoe om die toerusting toe te pas. Simone se aanvaarding dat almal verskillend is en sy konsidereer elke individu se manier van dink wanneer sy antwoord of terugvoer gee. Hierdie seminaar is 'money well invested!'. Sincere, authentic, genuine, gave a lot of hope. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

    Nicolette - May 2018
  • "A very reflective seminar and lets you think on how to improve your actions as parent towards your children. Helped me not to only think about how my relationship with my children should be but also with other people around me."

    Roelof - May 2018
  • "Everything about this is good. Teaching your child to take a break and think about their wrong doing, change their heart and speak about it!"

    Victoria - May 2017
  • "This helped me to be able to deal with everyday frustrations and offering alternative discipline techniques. The seminar is very practical.!"

    Melissa - May 2018
  • "I enjoyed the pace at which it was presented, slowly and time for listening. The same what we need to apply for our children.. I realised again how important relationship is and the importance of reaching their hearts. Thank you! I enjoyed the seminar a lot"

    Verona - March 2018
  • "Answers to many of my questions! Given me the 'how' to go about doing it! The process to follow is easy to understand and apply!"

    Charine - March 2018
  • "I learnt how to discipline my children correctly. I've learnt of an awesome toolbox and how to use the Bible in discipline times. How to discipline and not punish, to explain and help my kids understand why there is consequences and let them have a 'do-over'."

    Michelle - March 2018
  • "I was trying to apply some of the techniques presented, but failed in my previous attempts. I found a new perspective in doing it during this seminar. I understand why it didn't work before and now know why and how to change my and my children's hearts."

    Stella - March 2018
  • "How important it is to work on a heart-level, changing hearts and not just behavior. I was touched by Simone's sincerity and sensitivity in presenting this seminar. I think every parent should attend this seminar."

    Amanda - March 2018
  • "We found everything helpful in this seminar! From learning about breaks, other methods of consequences and ending discipline times well... We were so blessed with our session, learned valuable info and discussions."

    Andrea - May 2017
  • 'A whole new approach on how to change myself and my approach to help my children grow up balanced and with respect and kindness. Great presentation and very helpful!'

    Corné, February 2018
  • 'Very practical tools to use, easy but effective steps to follow. Simone was a very good facilitator, addressing questions and giving good, tangible examples. Emphasizing the heart gives a different perspective, it allows us as parents to build dignity instead of breaking it down. The seminar was very well presented. Lots of open dialogue and attention to detail. Simone accommodated parents with very young children as well as older teenagers. I will highly recommend this seminar to any parent.'

    Larian, February 2018
  • 'I have found this seminar very helpful and love the sentence, ‘God is in the business of changing hearts.’ We always say parenting is hard work, when in fact it is ‘heart-work’.'

    Eulene, February 2018
  • 'A well-structured seminar with good framework and links to scripture. Lots of practical tips that are easily actionable. It was well presented with a helpful balance of principles and examples. Enjoyed the key reminder that as parents we are forming the long-term character of an adult who can listen to God and relate to others healthily...'

    Malcolm, February 2018

To be a good parent has been a top priority for me since I became a mother.  So often I however felt that it is one area I am failing badly.  For the last year I have been desperate to seek help, because I felt I needed guidance to raise my child the way I wanted to and the way God wanted me to.  I have seen several professionals who all taught me something, but no one really helped me to be a better mother.  Then I got to know Simone and heard that she is doing a biblical parenting course.  It was sent from heaven and I was immediately convinced that I need to follow this 8-week program with her.  It was hard work and took a lot of time and commitment, but for the first time I felt I could be a good mom and that my instincts and heart for my child wasn’t far off.  The principles of the program are based on the word of God and agreed with my maternal instinct.  To change the heart of my child was the primary focus and not the immediate behavior.  Being a good parent is not when your children obey you because they are scared of you or they want to avoid punishment.  Being a good parent is to ensure your child grows the heart qualities and the fruit of the Spirit, so that they want to obey and do the right thing even if you are not there.  Was it a quick fix? No.  My child and I still need to learn and grow a lot.  Did this program bring change? Very much.  It changed me as a parent a lot more than what I expected.  My perspective on parenting and on behavior has changed dramatically and I realized changing my own behavior is just as important as trying to change my child’s behavior.  I witnessed a change in my child’s heart as well that took me by surprise.  He started apologizing spontaneously and in a sincere way when he realized he was wrong.  I realized my child learned about repentance over this period, which is crucial for any Christian.  He also started greeting people easier and volunteered to clean up his toys on a regular basis without me asking.  The biggest treasure of following this course was helping my child to grow spiritually and getting the tools on how to do this in a very practical and simple way.  I can recommend this parenting course to anyone who is serious about being a good parent.

Nanki Robbertse
April 2017

Through her gentle and scripture-based encouragement, Simone has helped me to unlock the door of hope again. From being in a valley, Simone caught step with me on a journey to rediscover who I am in Christ, the truth of God’s word and hope for a bright future. “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.” Jeremiah 29:11, New King James Version (NKJV).

Simone has a quiet, nurturing and non-judgmental disposition, which makes it easy to talk to her. I would not be where I am today, standing on the pinnacle of God’s new plan for my life, if it were not for her life coaching sessions. I am extremely grateful and richly blessed by her encouragement to gain a new perspective on my life. I not only recommend Simone’s Christian Life Coaching Program, but encourage people who are seeking to grow towards their potential, to grab this unique opportunity with both hands!

Larian Botha
July 2017

The program teaches a new way of giving instructions and that had a huge positive effect in our house. I was always weary that I talk disrespectfully to my kids, so I often ‘sugar – coated’ the way I asked them to do something. Now I realize I was just causing confusion. Now what I ask them is clear and I actually get a reaction out of them without having to ask again or get NO response at all.  My child has also changed in the way she handles difficult situations and also what she thinks of herself. She now views herself as worthy to be treated well, and that causes a willingness to do good to others and have better self-control over negative emotions before she reacts, which is a vital life-skill. I have learnt and am still learning to be a calmer, more emotional sensitive mother showing them to the best of my ability the way in which Christ loves them. I would like for them to learn many more practical/critical life skills, which many adults often still battle with so they can also be more mature adults, and one day be great parents to their children. This was a life-changing experience and I am forever grateful to God Who loves us unconditionally and has so much grace towards us a broken parents, equipping us and healing us to raise a new generation for the building of His Kingdom!

Annemarie Christie
May 2017