’Cooperation, Consequences and Keeping your sanity’ - Seminar

Learn practical, biblical tools to develop cooperation and responsibility in your children. You will hear about a toolbox of consequences, and how to end every discipline time with a plan for growth and maturity. 

In conducting this seminar I am representing the National Centre for Biblical Parenting founded in the USA. I was personally trained by the founders of this Biblical Parenting organization and have experienced first hand the amazing life-changing results when applying the principles you will learn in this seminar.

Do not miss out on an opportunity to implement the tools that will change your family life forever. 


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  • Learning about establishing a process of disciplining. Receiving confirmation on what we as parents do right and where we need to work on our parenting skills. Thank you for bringing across a lot of information in a creative and exciting way! We loved listening and learning from you!

    Nickey, November 2017
  • The reassurance that I am on the right track with may kids. To manage my emotions, take a break and trust that God is in control. I thank God for bringing this teaching at this stage of my life. He is truly amazing! Now I am understanding what it means when they said ‘God is working in the background - do not worry!

    Zacarine, November 2017
  • So many practical tips you can use in all the different situations. Bringing it back to the Bible with verses and examples. Positive conclusion, relating it back to confession teaching your kids the first step of becoming a Christian. Simone is so passionate about this topic that your heart opens up as you listen to her. Great course!

    Monique, November 2017
  • We tend to handle situations in our own ways. Now I have a few extra tools to try out, can’t wait! Looking forward to more positive conclusions and doing things better in the future.!

    Leonie, November 2017

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