I am married just over 10 years and the mom of three boys who is journeying  this life with me. I realised that I have come to a cross-road in my parenting, after like too many times before I had to look into the eyes of my boys and tell them: “I’m sorry” that once again, “mommy lost it”…

I cried out to God asking Him to show me a better way. There had to be more than just the mundane routine, struggles to get things done and the battle to survive from day to day.

He met me.

I started a biblical parent coaching journey and was able to turn around on what seemed to be a dead-end cycle in my parenting. Not only did God start coaching my heart but He showed me tools from His Word which enabled me to parent and live life in victory.

I discovered how I could do parenting intentionally, with purpose and at the same time experience fulfillment. I was now able to share with others my passion for biblical parenting and living an abundant life so that others can do the same.

This is where my journey in coaching others started. I left my career in the corporate world and followed my heart, and my passion. Making a difference not only for myself, but also for others!

I am passionate about equipping hearts, inspiring vision and to be able to share in your parenting and life success.

My involvement with the wonderful, exciting and life-changing world of parent and life coaching has played a vital role in many of the key lessons I have embraced in my own life and parenting.

But more importantly, my relationship with God has been the foundation of my successful parenting and life experiences. I have learned that God has given us the most powerful gift – the gift of choice and He also equips us with His Holy Spirit, always encouraging us to greatness through Christ.

When we become intentional in this journey called life and parenting, we will become over-comers and Kingdom builders.

I believe in the beauty of your Life, in your unique parenting journey and in your Future.

You win or lose by the way you choose! – Angelique du Toit