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You might have heard of life coaching and how it is used to move you forward, and how it can help you to get unstuck. But you are a Christian and not sure if this is for you? You believe the Bible is our ultimate authority and you are not sure how life coaching fits into this. Jesus was one of our best examples of a life coach. How many times have Jesus told people to move forward, to look ahead to stop dwelling on the past?

When you follow a Christian Life coaching program you will learn how to change your perspective and stop dwelling in the past. Yes, dealing with the past is necessary for healing, and then you need to get to a point where you look towards the future.. Focussing ahead and moving forward should be your ultimate goal. And when you can discover more of your God-given passions and your purpose in the process you are stepping into life-changing territory….

Christian Life coaching is a process to help you move forward.

Does any of the following sound familiar?

Has your life taken a turn leaving you with the feeling there is little opportunity to bring about change.?

Or maybe you are feeling that living a life of passion and purpose is only for a select few…?

Your life might be pretty good and you are in a comfort zone…?

None of these are the way God intended us to live our life…

Do you know what is stopping you from reaching your potential?

Negative thinking and toxic emotions keep us going in circles. I will help you uncover unhealthy thinking patterns that sabotage and limit your progress.

When last have you allowed yourself to dream?

It is time you unlock some of those God – sized dreams that may have been lost, dormant or forgotten along the way. We were ALL born for greatness.

Do you understand the wonder of your uniqueness?

Many times we live someone else’s plan for our life or we let circumstances make the decisions for us. I will help you rediscover your strengths, motivations and values so you can live your true potential.

When is the last time you made a list of your goals?

As a coach I help you get clarity about your life’s direction and then to develop a plan that is customized to meet these needs and objectives.

Do you tolerate things which is sabotaging your future?

In today’s fast paced lives packed with demands, it is easy to get out of balance, feel overwhelmed and stressed out. I can help you to see your life from a different perspective, get your priorities in order and through set plans better manage your schedule and life.

Do you know what your Next Step is?

You might not be clear on what needs to happen next or which direction to take. I have been trained to ask the kind of questions that help you find solutions and the right strategy for you.


Rediscover your identity and values.

Instill vision and hope.

Help you to identify those mindsets keeping you trapped.

 …..You CAN get to experience changes in your life.

You will once again feel good about your LIFE and establish renewed life direction, purpose and fulfillment in personal relationships. The truth is if you feel good about yourself and your life, it impacts everyone around you and everything you do.

You will become equipped to take control of your life and instead of your environment changing you, you will influence and change your environment.

You will thrive and no longer merely survive.


If we want to change a situation, we first have to change ourselves. To change ourselves effectively, we must first change our perceptions. – Stephen Covey

‘Your future is the place YOU have the privilege of creating..’

                                                                                                                                             Angelique du Toit

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