Can your Mothering become another part of your Worship…?

 In Faith

It is early in the morning and I am up so I could have some alone time, worship time, God time… I hear the call, but try and ignore it… but it just becomes harder, my youngest woke up and want me by his side… I am frustrated as once again my alone-time is interrupted. My alone time with God, my time to pray, my time to be…. My time just to just have some quiet…

The interruptions happen frequently during the day, every time I think I have a few moments to myself, I hear soft whispers by my side, ‘What are you doing mommy?’ ‘Where are you going mommy?’ ‘Can we come with?’…

It can get very frustrating at times when all I just want a few minutes on my own, to be able to think, or pray or read!

How many moms feel this way and how many moms feel guilty for wanting this alone time. Before I held my eldest baby for the first time, I never quite understood that never again will it be just me. The phrase ‘your life will never be the same again’… didn’t really have meaning until that day and the days and years thereafter… Not only would it never be the same because now there will always be someone else filling my thoughts and prayers. But having children changes even the way you think about going to the shops, going to the bathroom and hiding away in your own house so you can have a moment of doing nothing…..

When I speak to other moms, I realise we all have the same struggles when it comes to our time. And not just finding some alone time, but more so when it comes to time we can spend with God. It seems as if these blessings, our children, are at times our biggest distraction for being able to worship, pray, be in His presence…  when it comes to finding the time to ‘BE’ with God, there never seems to be just enough…

And that is why I am writing this today.. This is something that lies heavy on my heart. Prayer and worship is a weapon to use in the spiritual battles we face. But in many settings we have been taught it looks a certain way.. We are taught worship is… ‘When you are alone and spend time in prayer’, ‘When you can worship with undivided attention’, ‘When you can focus on God only’ or ‘In church singing and worshipping with others’…. And yes, those are all good and right ways to worship….

But if you are a mom the reality is that this is often NOT possible. You see He knew as mothers there will be chaos, and time will be a sought-after commodity. And if He knew all this why would He expect us to do something He knew we wouldn’t be able to.? But you see, He doesn’t.

God slowly started opening my eyes to how worship is so much more than undivided alone-time, or being able to read and pray with focused attention. Yes, when we can, this is so vitally important, but most of the time when you mother and look after the kids and run the house, that hardly happen as often and regularly without distraction as you would want it to.

God showed me that worship is one of our most powerful weapons no matter what we face in life, but that we should change our perspective on what worship is… While praying about this specifically one day (through the chaos), God softly whispered..

As much as we have been taught or led to believe that worship and devotion may only look a certain way. I want to dare say, ‘Do you really think that our God who designed every person unique and who made hundreds of thousands of species of animals, insects, let alone everything else in the universe which is so unique and wonderful, would want to be worshipped in only a certain number of ways??’

The enemy is a pro at making us feel we cannot worship, or that we don’t have time to worship ‘like we should’… And every mom I know feels guilty for not being able to spend enough of the ‘right time’ with God…

The Bible states we should do everything for His glory…. Let that soak in… I realised everything doesn’t have an asterisk that says except for mothers who are helping, correcting, training, spending time with their kids…

No it just says everything..

“So when we mother, when we lie next to our little ones, when we have to help with an assignment or correct a child who is mean… You are doing what you’ve been called to do in this season of mothering.

You are shaping the next generation.

You are doing a Kingdom Work.

And mom, right now this is and can be one of your bravest FORMS OF WORSHIP!”


We need to stop getting frustrated at what we see as interruptions, when what we do as mothers is at times more important than anything else you might be busy with…

We need to stop complaining, that in this season our kids require SO SO much of us. Every time you make a sandwich you can use that time to pray for and speak into the spirits and identity of our children.. Every time you help with homework, you can bless them, affirm them, speak into their futures. Every time you are required to lie next to a little one, you can pray for them, with them, teach them that this is what God wants to do for us. Every time you correct, teach or break up a squabble you are building into the character of your child, you are preparing them for the future, for a Kingdom work.

We need to stop just wanting to finish these every day interruptions quickly so we can have some time off. Or so we can get to a place of being alone so we can pray and worship when what we do daily, for our kids, for our husbands is just as much if not more an act of worship than what we do on Sunday morning…..

You see mom, in our daily interactions with our children, we should be making it our main priority to share with, teach them and make them aware of Christ. We tell them about what He wants for them, Who He is for them, what they can do because of Him.

We love them. We teach them. We correct them. And in all of this, we are enjoying the blessing our children are to us. In doing this we are exercising a form of worship. We are enjoying Christ in our daily lives. Didn’t He say, we should become like the children.?

When you change your perspective of your daily life from ‘only serving and doing for others’, to one of in doing all of this I am worshipping…. Maybe we will win more battles faster. When we change our perspective of mothering and realise that what we are busy with is a Kingdom work, when we sit a little longer, become less hurried and connect a while more… I dare to believe that our mothering will become true act of worship…

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