This program is designed around using a heart-based approach to equip you on this parenting journey. A heart-based approach recognizes that lasting change takes place when it happens in the heart. It means you take into account that you and your child’s heart are:

A wrestling place and a place where commitments are made

From where relationship are built

Where we experience emotions and where temptations and desires develop

Where we experience guilt and conviction of sin but also where we experience passions

Where we choose the values we hold and convictions we live by and

It is the place where we connect with God.

By knowing that this changes our whole outlook on how we deal with our children, you will begin to understand that coming alongside them, training  and correcting them is a vital part of your parenting. Your parenting plan will take all this into account. You will be able to bring about lasting change in your child’s life.

Read more about a heart-based approach to parenting here.


One-on-one* weekly sessions over a period of 8 weeks where we focus exclusively on change in your family life. You will receive an individual personalized plan for you and your child. You will be equipped with tools you can use with any child for any problem and in any stage of your child’s life.

*Coaching sessions are done in person or over Skype calls, 1 free follow-up session up to 1 month after completion for personal accountability and support.


You are a mom and even though this has been one of the most wonderful privileges in your life, somehow through the mundane and the to-do’s you have lost your passion. You are constantly tired and the idea of living a life of purpose has somehow eluded you in the midst of diapers, little sleep and children who need you and your attention more than you ever thought you would be able to give. Like many moms you might also be wondering if you will ever be able to live out a purpose beyond mothering and you are not sure if you will ever feel excited again about your future.

My life breakthrough coaching program is designed to help you as a mom understand that:

  • Our enemy will do anything to prevent you from understanding and living in your identity. The enemy especially targets moms because if moms are defeated, children often end up defeated as well. He knows that losing your passion and identity is a strategy to make you ineffective in the Kingdom.
  • Through using Biblical principles I help you to rediscover your identity which goes far beyond being a mother or working a career. You will also rediscover your hidden passions and dreams. With strands of God’s grace we will weave together a plan that brings you back to His purpose for your life. You will once again feel excited when you wake up. You will not only see yourself through the lens of His Word, but you will partner with Him to reignite the flames of passion for a life lived in fulfillment.

God did not create us just to live happily. He created us to be fulfilled – and we can only be fulfilled if we discover and understand the gifts He placed in us and use them for the expansion of His Kingdom. Each one of us has a different road to travel, each one of us have unique passions, that’s what makes you tick. Each and every one of us was designed with a purpose, no one else can complete.


One-on-one weekly sessions. Rediscover your identity, values and purpose. This program consist of weekly sessions to help you take back control of your life and provide you with strategy to create a changes you need to get unstuck and live your life with passion.

*Coaching sessions are done in person or over Skype calls, 1 free follow-up session up to 1 month after completion for personal accountability and support.