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 Equipping hearts. Inspiring vision. Facilitating change

To the Kingdom warrior we call “Mom”

Are you parenting your children with passion and intentionality?

Do you realize your purpose is so much bigger than endless mundane routines, ticking off you to-do lists or often walking around defeated?

You are placed in your family for a reason. Parenting with a Kingdom mindset, takes planning and intentionality.  You are here to shape, equip and raise the next generation to lead and take a stand. Are you ready to break the cycle and to change your life, perspective and family forever?! Consider my biblical parent coaching program and take the step to turn everyday parenting into a kingdom building one step at a time…. Read on!


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I started the biblical parent coaching program and I was able to turn around what seemed a dead-end cycle in my parenting life. Not only did God start coaching my heart but He showed me tools from His Word which enabled me to parent and live life in victory…. I am passionate about equipping hearts, shifting perspectives and sharing in your parenting and life successes..! I completed certified training through the National Centre for Biblical Parenting and the Life Breakthrough Coaching Academy for Christian coaching. I am continuously learning and implementing new strategies even in my own life giving me a unique expertise in the area of Christian Life and Parent coaching…

Equipping Hearts Coaching exist to:

To shape hearts and shift perspectives

Coach you on how to rediscover your passions and purpose flowing from your unique identity and design

Assist you to recognize and break destructive mindsets and identify the lies from which these mindsets were formed

Inspire you with hope and vision so that you can go ahead with courage and passion

Encourage eternal perspectives, to allow you to live life thriving and not merely surviving

Understand that there is no ‘one-size fits all approach’ to life and that is why you will receive a personalized plan for transformation in either your personal life or for your family

Equip you for Kingdom living now and into the future…

  • …The biggest treasure of following this course was helping my child to grow spiritually and getting tools on how to do this in a very practical way. I can recommend this coaching to anyone who is serious about being a good parent…

    Nanki Robbertse April 2017
  • …I not only recommend Simone’s Christian Life Coaching program, but encourage people who are seeking to grow towards their potential, to grab this unique opportunity with both hands.!

    Larian Botha July 2017
  • …This was a life-changing experience and I am forever grateful to God who loves us unconditionally and has so much grace towards broken parents, equipping us and healing us to raise a new generation for the building of His Kingdom!

    Annemarie Christie May 2017

Do you need change in your life? Do you feel stuck, overwhelmed and too tired to go ahead?

Join me on my next seminar where you will receive practical, biblical tools, and tips to change the way you view your parenting and your children. Learn how to build relationship even while giving instructions or correcting your children. This will change the way you parent forever.

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Become equipped. Receive tools, resources and inspired vision. Make the change your life and parenting require so you can live a life of INTENT, PASSION AND PURPOSE.